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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookie Party!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
This is the time of year I like to take a little time off from tastings and events. Sometimes it happens, other times, well, not so much.

After going through cookbooks (hey, it's what gets me in the spirit!) I was inspired to have a Christmas cookie party. This was the first time I've incorporated all the different aspects of my life, but it was so nice to get friends, family and industry buddies together for food, drink and baking!
Thank you everyone who came! Fun was had by all!

Below are pictures so graciously taken by Shannon of Flourish! Thank you Shannon!
Butter Cookies and Puff Pastry Pinwheels (with Strawberry Jam)
Mi Mamma
Childhood friend Mindy (hadn't seen her in about 22 years!) and her hubby Chad.
Lora Ward of A Day to Remember makin' some nice Snickerdoodles for her daughter's b-friend. Yes, the totally inappropriate, but funny "Nice Balls!" comment was thrown around... along with the SNL references to Schwetty Balls. Too Too Funny!
The bridal bouquet pose... but with cookies!
Katie Baker of Adagio Events with dark and white chocolate dipped pretzels.
Part of the gang... Moi, Lynnette, Lora, Allison of Allison Stahl Photography, Marj of Stellasweet, with the beautiful peppermint pinwheel cookies that Mindy and Chad made.
Former intern, and new high school grad, Cearra (middle), and Brandy of Brandy Sommer Photography.

Don't you just LOVE Allison's shawl?


  1. I'm so bummed I missed this! Can you do it again, please please please? =) Merry Christmas Carissa!
    xoxo Alison

  2. Oh, it really was fun! Crowded, but fun! We were bumping elbows, hineys, and hips... poor Chad, the lone guy! (He was LOVING IT I'm sure.) We did miss you! Next year!

    I'm thinking it might be fun to do this to benefit a charity next year... maybe on a larger scale. I'm thinking $5-$10 per person including champagne and all the cookies you can make/bake/decorate in three hours!