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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue and Gold!

This is probably the most detailed cake I've done to date. Lots and lots and lots of gold dragees and gold decorations... all hand made. Yeash! The inspiration cake for this wedding was a Martha Steward cake, but we took some artistic liberty including the monogram. The cake had two tiers of white cake filled with chocolate buttercream and raspberry buttercream and two tiers of yellow cake filled with salted caramel sauce and salted caramel buttercream.
I guess it's a testament to my naivety about photography... but I was amazed at the color variation between these two pictures! This just goes to show you... never trust that the color of a cake in a magazine was ACTUALLY the color of the finished cake! (If my mind's eye remembers correctly, the top picture is the closest to the actual color.)
This darling couple wanted some little dessert bites to go along with their cake. So we made some chocolate raspberry tartlets, salted caramel truffles and cab reduction truffles (not pictured). These two trays were served along with the port and cigar station! How lovely!

Special thanks to Allison Stahl Photography for the beyond beautiful pictures and Laurie Schmalzel Events for referring me to her darling clients!

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