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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For those of you who don't already know...

I'm a planner. Some call it being anal, other have other uncomplimentary terms for it, but I just like to look at it as being prepared. Surprisingly, I am an optimist, so that mixed with being a planner makes me an optimistic planner. Probably not the best combination!

That being said, I've been stressing out, no, more accurately, gearing up, for the Best of Sacramento party since I was asked by Our Weddings magazine to join them. I was thrilled at the opportunity, but also, always wanting to knock everyone's socks off, a little overwhelmed.

What started out as a little production (a display cake for the Our Weddings gals' table and 2500 desserts for the attendees) has, well, kind of grown. The cake is now six tiers and the 2500 desserts has grown too. Now the menu is: PB&J cake sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting, caramel cream puffs, haute chocolate mousse, spicy ginger lemon mousse, brown sugar marshmallows, decorated sugar cookies, coconut macaroons, vanilla and peppermint (separately) meringues. Everything is in hot pink and white.

I know, I've gone crazy. I know, it's too much... I KNOW!!! But I love baking... and baking as advertising and baking with a fun color scheme (even better, MY color scheme) how could I really resist????

It's going to be fabulous, so if you are in the area, feel free to stop by, say hi and get your daily dose of hot pink food coloring and sugar!

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  1. And it was fabulous! How could it not be with you there!!