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Friday, October 30, 2009

Got Green? Boda de Verde!

I am horribly addicted to reading everyone's blogs... florists, chefs, photographers, planners... addicted. With this little bit of downtime I've been catching up with my addiction and a recurring theme is GREEN. No, not necessarily eco-green... the actual color! All shades and textures, and boy, when paired with one of the oh-so-vibrant colors (pink, orange, purple) you do get very dramatic results.

Ashleigh and Matt had a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception at Sequoia Restaurant in Placerville. Their colors were green and pink. Very pretty. I really liked the combination of shapes in this cake, and they asked that I use the "branch" pattern that they'd seen on another one of my cakes, which is always a pleasure.

This cake was split between chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream, chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries and white cake with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries. mmmm Raspberries and Chocolate... always a lovely flavor combination.
Thank you to JR Photography for the picture, via Ashleigh, of course!

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