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Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Deco Cake - Citizen Hotel

I have the most creative and amazing clients! Valerie and Alex came to me with their beautiful, dramatic wedding at the Citizen Hotel. I was already excited. This couple was absolutely charming, both Italian and both had a very clear picture of what they wanted. After we worked out the flavors of their cake (the most important part!) we took a little break while they picked out their invitations.

Here is their invite, beautiful, simple, and PERFECT for the Citizen!

Now it was my job to turn their invite into a sketch. They decided to make their colors black and cream, so it was pretty easy to translate the colors. Here is the sketch...

Finally, it was wedding day! I oh so carefully transferred the pattern to the cake, and then finished the little details on-site. This was a 3 chef coat day! Boy that black buttercream was sure a challenge, but the finished product... GET OUT OF TOWN! No cake topper, just the image, simple, classic, beautiful... and exactly what Valerie and Alex wanted.

Side note: I got the nicest call from Valerie a couple of days after the wedding. Poor kid only got her little piece of cake that Alex fed her... I've already got her on the books for the same cake for their First Anniversary!

Cake flavors... I almost forgot! Traditional carrot cake with two layers of cinnamon buttercream (YUM!) and one layer of traditional American cream cheese buttercream and Vanilla bean buttercake with two layers of espresso buttercream and one layer of marsala mascarpone mousse... YUM! Yum!
A HUGE thanks goes out to Beth Baugher of True Love Photo... she had several weddings to process ahead of this one, but she still dug out this picture for me... LOVE that woman!

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