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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jamie and Chris

Boy, Amber over at Artistic Imagery is a machine about pounding out the pictures! I can't tell you how happy I was to see these two pictures on Facebook (and I shamelessly snatched them... hey, I know I'm a pain, but this will get me off her back until I can bug her for something a bit more hi res when she has a bit more time! and I GIVE PHOTO CREDIT!). A HUGE thank you goes out to Amber Novey with Platinum Planning too, she was so organized that it was a breeze (as usual!). (Yes, Amber and Amber... thank goodness I just had to drop off the cake and then leave! I could have seen all sorts of confusion arising from that little coincidence.)

Jamie and Chris got married this past weekend at Newcastle Wedding Garden. It was a gorgeous day and I was thrilled to make their cake! (Such an easy couple to work with!)

Enjoy the pictures, and yes, I think I'll be working in that picture of me into some sort of marketing material! (I actually like the two side by side like they are on the Artistic Imagery blog...)

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake with lemon curd, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries (YUM!) covered in vanilla bean buttercream.


  1. Glad we could help out! Just kinda wish I could have had a taste of it - it looks so yummy... ;)

  2. Oh boy! You outdid yourself, Carissa! That cake is FABULOUS!!!

  3. If you think I out did myself on this cake... wait until you see the cake that I'm delivering today... CRIPES! I'm even impressed!