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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cake Design

Ever wonder about the design process?

Here is a picture of a cake I just designed and sent off to a client...

It may sound crazy, but I use PowerPoint to draw out cakes... not all the time, but certainly for a fair percentage.

The picture my bride sent me was just a little bigger than a postage stamp, so it was hard to see too many details, but after talking and creating several sketches this is what we came up with. I don't have the ability to draw a hexagon, but all three tiers are going to be hexagons (6", 8", 10"). Khaki (very light) buttercream, real ribbon border, tri dot (same color as the background, but I always draw them in slightly darker so you can see them!), and then the lovely monogram at the bottom.

This bride (not uncommonly) wasn't sure what color she wanted for the ribbon or the monogram, but I made them the same color. Alternatively, the flower color from the top of the cake can be brought down into the monogram.


  1. Carissa, That's the best use of PowerPoint I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing...very interesting.

  2. It allows me to play around quite a bit without having to re-draw the parts that the bride likes over and over. It's great for collaboration and lets me show some very fun options! You know, sometimes you just need to SEE it!