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Thursday, March 12, 2009

French Macarons - SUCCESS!!!

mmmmm, just typing the name of these little cookies is enjoyable. I'm drinking coffee and eating my experiment from last night. The first bake should have been at a slightly lower temperature, for a little longer. (perfect tops, lovely ruffled foot, but a little too chewy and moist on the inside) The second batch, well, I was cleaning (I have to confess... I'm such a bad lier!) and forgot about them, so they were a little too dark, but had a nice crunch and the over baking really added a nice nutty flavor. These are usually sandwiched with some sort of filling (coordinated with their color), but for family meal I just put out a lid of ganache and surrounded it with cookies. Of course Anna (our dishwasher and prep cook extraordinaire) got perfect little cookies that were sandwiched like they were supposed to be.

These are very finicky cookies and I have to say I haven't made them since cooking school, so now that I have regained my confidence and I'm thrilled! There really is no greater satisfaction than something turning out... followed by no greater failure than a flop. (I'm always pissy when things don't turn out, it's not personal, it's just me!)

Look for pictures of future batches. I'll be making more this weekend and playing with colors and flavors. Yea!

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