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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food and Drink Trends

Of course food and drink trends are MY FAVORITE!!!

- His and Her Stations (each having their respective favorite foods!)

Photo by: The Memory Journalists
- Sample Stations - for example, pairing wine and cheese. Not only fun, but educational!
Photo by: The Memory Journalists

- Small Plates - I love the pairing of comfort foods along with something a bit more on trend and decadent!

Photo by: Brandy Sommer Photography

- Familiar/Identifiable Foods - jazzing them up a bit. For example, Abigail Kirsch in NY does Portobello sirloin burgers with truffle potato chips instead of basic sliders.

Photo by: Brandy Sommer Photography

- Ethnic Food Stations - for example, stations based on the Pacific Rim. Caterers are also telling me they predict that Greek, Middle Eastern, North African and Lebanese cuisines will grow in popularity.

- Seeing fabulous family-style platters and the trend of using fabulous and unique serving pieces for a combination of beef, fish and all types of sides.

- Late Night Snack - becoming even more popular, whether it's a traditional egg offering, or pizza and sliders. I have seen gourmet popcorn stations served in little brown cups.

- Seeing lots of tray passed sweets, lollipop-style and mini ice cream sandwiches are very popular

Photo by: Brandy Sommer Photography

- A special treat while guests are waiting in their cars, such as warm chocolate chip cookies, mini milk shots or root beer floats.

Photo by: Artistic Imagery

- Wine - becoming more popular served in fabulous decanters and paired with food.

- Also seeing dark drinks come back; whiskey and scotch are becoming increasingly popular! Seeing lots of scotch bars.

- Specialty Drink Bars - once I saw a six flavor Bellini bar that was amazing. Fun champagne bars with mixers (Chambord, Midori, cranberry or pineapple juice).

- Seeing lots of stylish items to dress up your drinks such as lavender or rose petals.

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  1. Here we go with the salivating on my key board again around midnight...Thanks a lot Carissa!!! The closest thing I have to a sweet is a silly protein bar....=(