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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My (not so) New Obsession... Religieuse

Excuse the rant....

Why are Americans stuck on the same desserts? If I see another cheesecake, creme brulee or @#($*#$& chocolate lava cake I'm going to slit my wrists! COME ON PEOPLE!!! There is a whole flipping world of desserts out there!!! Venture out... I promise, it'll still be creamy or chocolate-y or whatever you love.

OK, now that that is out of my system...

(Photo by: Beth Baugher, Religieuse by: Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts)

I've been in love with these little guys for the longest time. A Religieuse is made of two filled and stacked cream puffs. mmmmm, cream puffs (insert Homer Simpson's voice here). They can be filled with everything from flavored pastry cream to mousse. All good stuff! The coolest (and prettiest... HEY, I'm a girl... pretty matters!) part is that the top of each puff is glazed to reflect the flavor inside. Sooo pretty, soooo yummy! I'm bent on making these the newest dessert craze, who says Sacramento, CA can't be the center of the dessert world?

(Photo from Laduree Paris website)


  1. Update on this post: Last night was the Bella Donna Spring 2010 launch party. I've been known to uses these sort of promotional events to try out new desserts to gauge the public's openness to new and unusual desserts. (I actually had a long talk with one bride and one sales gal on this subject... very satisfying!)

    I am proud to say that, the Vanilla and Pink Grapefruit Panna Cotta was a hit. It took a little encouraging and the explination that it was like a grapefruit creamsicle, but the not only ate it, they LOVED IT!

    I've also thrilled to report that, although it wasn't quite as popular as the panna cotta, the Port Poached Pears with Champagne Sabayon was also a surprise hit.

    I have renewed faith in the tastes of the Sacramento public. (Thank goodness... sigh...!!!)

  2. I want the top picture!!! it's pink and looks oh so yummy!