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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old Sugar Mill, Fall Elegance

In advance I need to thank my darling intern Cearra Cannon for taking this picture (didn't she do a LOVELY job?).
This cake was out at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, what a lovely location, and full of surprising little nooks and crannys, perfect for the bride who has eclectic tastes. This venue afford the traditional vineyard pictures and the rustic almost gritty look of old, partially demolished buildings. Lots of brick, wrought iron and light... lots of amazing light!
Laura and Chris went all out with the rustic Fall theme. I adore alstroemeria and was thrilled to have them on this cake... but the millet and summer corn (something... can't remember the name) and wheat were amazing textural touches that, although they didn't make it into the pictures, were VERY fall and looked great on the cake.
The pattern came from their invitations, but was slightly enlarged. I really liked the detail of occasional pearl dragees and the velvet ribbon... note to self and future brides... colored velvet ribbon only, the cream, although beautiful, just doesn't have the ideal look.
Congratulations Laura and Chris and Thank you for letting me be part of your day... side note, got the cake stand back... THANK YOU!

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  1. Amazing cake, Carissa. I love that Fall look you gave it. So pretty! Once again, I'm hungry for sweets. :o)