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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Briday Shower Saturday!

Saturday was a super busy day... three events, two with dessert bars, two were weddings. YIKES! More pictures will follow, but in the mean time, here is something to ruin your lunch!Thanks to my darling intern, Cearra, for all her help, I couldn't have done it without her help! (I'd love to clone myself on days like this!)

Below are pictures of some of the desserts that Brandy of Brandy Sommer Photography took. Make sure you eat a little something before you look though these!
White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Trifle
The bride's favorite dessert is red velvet cake... so we made some lollipops. How fun!
More details of these will come from the pictures that Memory Journalists took because I made these truffles for two events (Can't wait for those pictures!). Salted Caramel Truffles... YUM! (This is a good example of how I can take our VERY popular salted caramel tartlet and translate it into a truffle... easy peasy!

Next up, and I think based on dirty dishes, the most popular, Lemon Raspberry Creme Brulee... the raspberry was a thick layer of tart coulis at the bottom with the lemon custard on top... so good and refreshing after a big lunch.
Last, but not least, we've got milk chocolate mousse. Anytime mousse is served with breakfast or lunch I like to lighten it up with layers of whipped cream, otherwise it's just too rich for most guests.

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  1. Mmmm...did you say salted caramel truffles??!! Me likey! ;0)