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Friday, October 2, 2009

Artistic License - Black and White Cake

This was my second artistic license cake. The bride gave me a little guidance, but was very open. Modern, but with some classic details and black and white.

Yes, those peonies are made out of sugar. Time consuming, but spectacularly beautiful. Each of the pearls are hand made, and thanks to a wonderful silicon mold I was able to crank them out... about 30 at a time, but it was still WONDERFUL. I also used a lace silicon mold for the first and third tiers, again, awesome new tool, and a spectacular end effect.

Note to self and brides out there... notice the cake topper. That sucker was seriously heavy! If advance notice is given, arrangements can be made to support a heavy topper, but in this case I placed it and then had it lean a bit into the flower for support. I warned all the men in tuxs that if the table was bumped the topper was going to go down. sigh... too scary, hard to eat dinner that night, kept thinking about that dang cake topper! :)

Thanks to Brandy Capik of Brandy Sommer Photography for the beautiful picture. I can't wait to see more! (Always a voracious consumer of pretty pictures!)

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  1. Gorgeous, Carissa! Congrats on another amazing turnout.