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Thursday, September 10, 2009

TNT Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner

I'm anxiously awaiting pictures from Tracy and Tim's rehearsal dinner and wedding this past Friday and Saturday.

For their rehearsal dinner I made two desserts and plated them together, here is the sketch, it'll be great to compare the finished product to the sketch. I'm just waiting for my photographer to get over some sort of nasty bug and then get me a picture!
For the wedding I made 350 cupcakes. To date, I think that's the biggest cupcake order I've received and although it did take a certain amount of planning, it wasn't too hectic. I think the best move was buying the prettiest little strawberries from the strawberry stand out in Granite Bay (on Sierra College Blvd.). The worst move was torching the S'mores cupcakes on site. Silly me, I just didn't put two and two together. I torched the cupcakes using my rockin' new butane torch and proceeded to light the majority of the cupcake papers on fire. Graceful, I know. Tracy's Dad was a fireman for the longest time, and I was totally envisioning setting off the smoke detector or getting the fire department rushing into the reception hall (I'm sure Arden Hills Country Club would have LOVED that!). Bad move, good cupcakes.

Here are two pictures that I shamelessly stole off of Tracy's Facebook. More to come!

UPDATE!!!! Tracy was really sharing the love this morning on her blog! I'm so glad she loved the cupcakes, as I mentioned above, it really was a fun project! Darling, THANK YOU!http://tracy-girl.blogspot.com/2009/09/cupcakes.html

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