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We create desserts as unique and special as you and your event. We believe you CAN have you cake and eat it too, but you can also have mousse, pies and tarts, crème brûlée, or éclairs! Special events are just that, SPECIAL and nothing says PARTY like those sweet little bites at the end of the party.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Sweet for your Sweets!

I got a call from one of my upcoming brides this past week. She needed a cake... nothing huge, just a tasty treat. It turns out that she and some of her bridal party were getting together on Saturday to assemble favors (a great recommendation!) and she wanted to have a little something sweet for them!

I brainstormed with her and we came up with Mocha Almond Fudge (yum!) (Chocolate Cake with Roasted Almonds, layers of Coffee Buttercream, covered with Coffee Buttercream and Glazed with Chocolate... more Roasted Almonds to Garnish). This worked out great because that is a flavor I'll be making for one of my darling brides in September. (Side note: I also had family in town, so I made two. I have to say I got 16 servings out of a 6" cake and I was barely able to finish my serving... soooo rich, but soooo good!)


  1. Oh and that cake was so rich! I am pretty picky and well, it was just a great taste! Mom

  2. Carissa, I'm putting you on speed dial immediately! Looks sooo good. I think I gained a pound or two just reading your description! Carie