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Monday, August 3, 2009

Jennifer and Joe - August 1, 2009

Saturday my couple who emailed me from Egypt got married. It was a lovely home wedding in Sutter Creek that combined their families and backgrounds. (Jen is from Nevada and Joe is from Wales, UK) The backyard was so beautifully decorated and family and friends all pitched in to make the food. Joe's Mom was making salad when I walked in, but was so sweet and greeted me with a hug! What a dear!

As many of you may remember, Saturday was HOT! Outdoor weddings really scare me on hot days... especially when we're working with buttercream! (Imagine a cube of butter sitting on a table outside... for four hours! It's not pretty!) Our compromise was to freezer chill the cake for three hours (not enough to affect the quality of the cake, but enough to provide a small insurance policy!) and then keep in inside until it was time to cut the cake! I don't envy the person who had to move that sucker! (It was quite weighty and there were stairs involved.)
This was a very fun and flavorful cake! The bottom tier was a traditional yellow cake with two layers of lemon buttercream and one layer of lemon curd with fresh raspberries. The middle tier was chocolate cake with two layers of vanilla bean cheesecake and one layer of cherry cheesecake. The top tier was all American carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream!

Congratulations Jennifer and Joe!

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