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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Michelle and Josh - May 22, 2009

Michelle and Josh got married last Friday at Newcastle Wedding Garden. They looked so lovely (although I only saw them separately before the wedding!).

Their colors were eggplant and sage with a very rustic outdoor theme. During our cake design session we discussed several fun options to incorporate a tree and other natural elements into their wedding desserts. The grass at the bottom of the cake was painted onto the buttercream with food color and a paint brush. The tree was made out of chocolate modeling paste with three shades of purple fondant flowers with pearl dragee centers. I had such a good time making this cake, it stretched my creativity and reminded me why I love this business!

This wedding is a great example of mixing a small cake, cupcakes and little bites in one ensemble. I can't wait to get better pictures from Allison Stahl, but these definitely let you see some of the fun details!

Their cake and cupcakes were chocolate cake with creme brulee filling. The cake bites were vanilla bean butter cake with chocolate buttercream and fresh fruit.

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  1. This looks AMAZING! By the way - I am Tracy - your new bride! My fiance and I had a tasting with you last week. We are so impressed and so excited to see what amazing things you do! Ill follow your blog and plug it to mine! :)