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Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday A-Polooza!

Last night was my mother-in-law's birthday. Here is a picture of here cake. White cake and vanilla bean buttercream. Each layer had a different filling: bottom was raspberries and blueberries, next was blackberries and strawberries, and the top was banana and kiwi. When it was cut the layers were beautiful!

I have this philosophy, the older you get, the more elegant you cake needs to be. My mother in law is a knitter and the piping on the top and side of the cake reminds me of some of the stiches she does. In addition, the one orchid was a nice fresh floral touch. I just adore fresh flowers on my cakes!

Saturday one of my grooms came by to pick up a birthday cake for his fiance. It was a chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse, and fresh strawberries. The cake was covered in chocolate modeling paste and fondant fantasy flowers with pearl dragee centers and white chocolate centers. It was very girlie, but not childish. (She is very much a girlie girl!) Here are two pics, one of the top and a close up of the flowers. (He was shocked at the weight of the cake! Real cake with real ingredients is weighty stuff!)

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