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Friday, February 6, 2009

I would happily have this man's baby...

Just catching up on some of my favorite reading:

Michael Laiskonis

He just sounds like such a nice man, in addition to being a pastry genius. There is such a balance in this industry between being a nice person and being able to get the job done... all the while maintaining professionalism.

That being said, I have on more than one occasion swore at (or in the general direction) of one of my co-workers in the heat of the moment. Of course I regret it. Of course I would never yell at one of my employees. The more you submerge yourself in the kitchen the more you come to understand the real value of those people working to the right and left of you. I cannot do everything! I need help! (It's like a twelve step program for a pastry chef.) As much as I want everything to be perfect I also need to teach and work with my team to get us ALL to the finish line and have ALL of us be thrilled with the end product. Each event gets better and more well thought out, which is one reason I get so excited about every couple I work with!

Tune in next week for a redux of this weekend's tastings (all four! between tonight and tomorrow afternoon!) and the Gold Country Weddings show.

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