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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kathy and Jason - ParaVi Vineyards

Kathy and Jason came to me about six weeks ago with their wedding on the very near horizon. As Kathy's sister said on wedding day, "You are perfect for Kathy and Jason, they LOVE dessert and Kathy loves little desserts." To which I responded, "Everything big is better small." Kathy was all about the pies, Jason, being from the East Coast, was all about canolis and pasticiotti (more on this in a minute). They had no interest in cake and loved the idea of feeding each other canolis. Who says you can't take the parts of the traditions you like and leave the rest behind? Pies I can handle, but I'd never made canolis even though I knew about them and had a rough, general idea of how they were supposed to taste and look. The pasticiotti however were a total new experience! I ordered specific pans for them and wound up getting the recipe from the Jason's aunt. Pasticiotti is a cakey/cookie like crusted tart baked in a fluted pan and filled with a vanilla or lemon scented custard. (In this case we went with vanilla.)The wedding was at the amazing ParaVi Vineyards. The venue is basically divided into three tiers. The upper grassy tier was where the ceremony took place. The next tier down was a large grassy lawn where a long kings table was set up. The bottom tier was where the barrel room (in this case, the dance floor and desserts), the tasting room (aka, the bar) and a lovely outside deck area that is perfect for cocktail hour. If you are having a smaller wedding you HAVE to check it out!

I don't have a ton of pictures because we've got all sorts of fun plans for it to be published, but I did want to share a little bit with everyone! A HUGE thanks to Chris Shepard for being the dedicated machine that he is... I still can't believe that he got these sneak peek pictures turned around so amazingly fast! Of course I also can't wait to see MORE! This wedding has also been blogged about (don't you just love the enthusiasm for beautiful weddings!) on our buddy Shannon's Fancy Pants Weddings blog.

I almost forgot! A special thank you to Ellie my new intern, she took care of doing the set up and all of the dessert tags. Simple, Clean, Perfect. I also wanted to thank Sunny and his team with Exquisite Events and Entertainment for going with the flow and adding lighting to the dessert. (Nobody puts Baby in the corner!) Without it the desserts would have been entirely dark, with it the plates just shone! And last, but not least, a HUGE thanks to Francie of Bocca Catering, without her I never would have met Kathy and Jason!

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  1. Wow what a great venue! Why do I look at your delicious blog at lunch time?!?! Oh mannnn! Miss you =)