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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Croquembouche and You Tube!

I got the following email from one of my couples earlier today and I just HAD to share it with you all.


You were awesome! That cake looked like it belonged in a magazine! You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would, lol) how hard it was for those poor catering servers to cut that thing apart. I remember watching as many minutes passed and people offered her a chisel, a hammer, a blow dryer, etc, lol.

Scott held up his side of the deal and the cake was indeed ceremoniously broken apart with a sword. He posted a clip of it on youtube.

It's funny because we all thought it was going to break into pieces or all end up on the floor but the top popped straight off like he planned it :)

The cake was simply amazing and I can't imagine there's a single guest there that won't remember that for years to come. It was so unique and it tasted so great and unlike anything I've ever had before.

I will post a review on the website below when I get home tonight.

Thank you again Carissa!

Lisa & Scott

I laughed out loud when I read this email and then viewed the video. Lisa and Scott were VERY certain about what they wanted when they came to me. Scott was very excited about the prospect of using a sword, so we went over (several times) how to do this without showering their guests with shards of caramel and cream puffs. I was so happy to be part of their wedding day and I loved the challenge and the opportunity to help make their wedding day vision come to life.

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