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Monday, June 21, 2010

I know, I've been a total slacker!

But really Mom, I have a great excuse! Not only has it been wedding season, but I'm working on a photo shoot with Tinywater Photography, launching a new logo and everything that goes with that (new chef coats, business cards, stickers), and working on advertising (print and web).

So, without further ado... I have an announcement!

We've been asked to join Style Me Pretty!!!!

If you haven't seen this drool worthy website you HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!! I'm already coordinating with photographers from weddings already completed this season and for weddings coming up so we can submit a bunch to SMP. Featured Wedding = Good Publicity! I'm still working on uploading pictures and setting up my profile, but there is a little there!

Here is our new logo. A very special thanks goes out to Stephanie J Designs for creating it, I'm totally in love! (You should see what we have planned for phase two of the logo!)

OK, now comes the really fun part! Pictures of what I've been working on! I still have some outstanding pictures from some weddings, but this will at least get you going!

This was a dessert table that we did for a 30th birthday party. Boy, I wish I had friends like this when I was turning 30! (I was in cooking school, so it all turned out just fine!) Thank you Jen, of The Memory Journalists, for the pictures. As always, I'm in your debt!

This purple and black wonder was for a high school graduation party. The school colors were burgundy and gold, but the graduate gal's favorite colors are purple and black, so we went with that! The kids and adults all went ape, it was VERY FUN! For once I got to be a guest and a vendor. Thank you Brandy, of Brandy Sommer Photography, for the pictures and congratulations on getting your first born graduated!

This next pictures is one where I FINALLY got the professional photo from a wedding back in November. Thanks to Amber of Shoops Shutter for the picture.

This next one has already been published! Woo Hoo! The cake was inspired by the invitation (too funny, second cake inspired by the same invitation!). Thanks to Amber with Platinum Planning for orchestrating such a lovely wedding and Jeff of Unique Photography for the picture.

This picture was taken by a friend of the bride... God love her, she did an amazing job. This is my new gold standard to illustrate two points: 1) Buttercream is beautiful. That nice crisp edge is exactly what I aim for with every cake. 2) Anytime there are dots on a cake they should look like little pearls, not little Hershey's Kisses!

I just got these photos from Ely Roberts, of Ely Roberts Photography, and I'm over the moon! I just love how this illustrates the beauty of sugar flowers and how we can get pretty dang close to the wedding colors when we do the matching.


Thanks to the LOVELY Beth Baugher of True Love Photo I have a picture from Saturday's Wedding!!! Sweet Mama!

My darling husband just emailed me this picture that I took with his iPhone. MUCH better pictures will be coming from Carmen Salazar, but this will tide me over until then. This was an American croquembouche. The cake on the bottom has the wedding rings quilting pattern on it and the croquembouche (traditional French wedding dessert... vanilla cream puffs coated in hard caramel and stacked to create a tower) on top. And, yes, that is spun sugar all around. I absolutely can't wait to see pictures of the couple trying to break into this bad boy! :)

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