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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was reading Michael Laiskonis's blog the other day. He was discussing points of inspiration that had, over the years re-ignited his passion for food and pastry. This was a great idea! There are so many things that I get excited about that I thought I'd try to come up with my own list of life events that have created a fresh spark of interest in food. As he said, "I've had so many little such sparks that I've no doubt forgotten the majority of them. But off the top of my head, some grand moments, and some just slightly less so..." I couldn't have said it better.
  • While living in Chicago, ordering squid ink pasta for the first time, and loving the color. (1997)

              • Eating a Fran's chocolate dipped caramel with smoked sea salt and being blown away. (2001)

              • Fried tofu in Taipei and realizing what all the fuss was about. (1987)

              • Realizing that I was finally going to cooking school after wanting to go for 12 years. (2003)
              • Icing a cake for the first time and asking the chef if that was REALLY how you were supposed to hold the spatula... it felt so awkward and really really wanting to do it the right way knowing that from that point on I was training myself. (2003)

              • Making my dad a lattice stopped (the old fashioned way) strawberry rhubarb pie and him loving it. (2002)

              • Treating myself and an old friend to dinner at the French Laundry as a graduation present from cooking school... and then being asked to come back into the kitchen. WOW! (2004)
              • Eating gelato for the first time, I don't remember how old I was, probably single digits, but I distinctly remember I was in LA and my fabulous artist aunt and dad were there. (1982-83)
              • Going to Cortez in San Francisco with my little 12 year old cousin and ordering the ENTIRE dessert menu... back when Karen Hatfield was still the pastry chef. (2004)

              • Walking into the first kitchen that I was actually PAYING to be in and then realizing that I CAN make a living doing what I love! (insert stomach flip here!) (2008)

              • Making puff pastry the first time. (2004)

              • Having my Dad accuse me of never speaking English anymore ... alternately, commenting that he only understood every fourth word I said. hee hee (2005-9)

              • The first time I had a lychee... I couldn't get enough! (1999)

              • Seeing sugar cane fed into a crank and turned into juice on the streets of Sai Gon and then begging my hosts for some even though there was a risk of hepatitis! (1999)

              • Smelling tea on the wind as I drove through the mountains heading to Da Lat. (1999)

              • Asking to go into the kitchen at Woodhouse Chocolates in St. Helena and the owners actually saying yes! (2004)

              • The first time I read an Art Culinaire. There after referred to as Food Porn! (2006)

              • Eating honey comb... every spring until my stomach hurts. ( 1978)

              • Remembering the smell and taste of bee pollen from childhood. (1978)
              • The first and last time I voluntarily ate cocoa nibs. (2002)
              • Being shown a picture of myself at age 4 rolling out cookie dough. Who would have guessed. (2007)
              • Cooking halibut en papiote for my chef for his dinner and him being thrilled. (2006)
              • Hearing a classmate saying that he loves peppermint ice cream and hates that he had to wait until Christmas for "them" to make it... and then realizing that WE were becoming the THEM! (2004)
              • Discovering that famous kitchenware store in New York! (2006)
              • Age 6-8, eating tamales for the first time and inhaling the flavor before eating... that corn steam will forever be in my memory.
              • Discovering majool dates wrapped in bacon...dear lord! (2008)
              • The day I inherited a robot coupe. (2008)
              • The first time I ate sushi... age 27, San Francisco.

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