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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kathy and Dave - Lake Natoma Inn

As I may have mentioned before, this past weekend was a doozie! (BTY, last night was some serious quality time with the TV, a box of pizza and beer... I felt like a frat boy!)Here are some darling pictures of my bride and groom from my Sunday wedding. Kathy was so sweet. Every time we talked it was, "Oh Girlfriend!..." She was so excited and so clear about what she wanted. I just got an email from her and I had to share part of it with you all!

"My friend, I must tell you, not just because it was mine, but the cake was FABULOUS beyond words. The beauty of it alone, was breathtaking. I'll send you a picture here soon, but I did my centerpieces the same as the cake! And boy, were there rave reviews. ...Not to mention, it was so very very very very yummAdd Imagey-licious! So, I bow to you in thanks!" .......Mrs. Kathy Harrison{that is going to get some getting used to proudly}

This wedding cake was chocolate cake (In the bride's words... WE LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!) with two layers of milk chocolate mousse and one layer of white chocolate mousse.

Edit: 4/6/09 - I totally forgot to give photo credit (bad blogger!). I big thank you goes out to Debbie Brown Photography who kindly reminded me and who also has a lovely blog post about this darling couple.

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